DMS vs. SMS Tablespaces in DB2 UDB v.8.2 PDF Print E-mail
Written by tomas   
Wednesday, 04 July 2007 13:56

One thing that many new DBA's in DB2 are wondering is what to do when it comes to choose between System Managed Tablespaces or Database Managed Tablespaces when creating and/or setting up a DB2 database.

DB2 uses two different allocation methods when defining tablespaces. They can
either be specified as Database Managed Space (DMS) or System Managed Space
(SMS). There are advantages to both, depending on the application.

So what type of tablespace should you choose ?

Last Updated on Thursday, 05 July 2007 11:14
Create a Success Story in your Software Development PDF Print E-mail
Written by tomas   
Monday, 02 May 2005 13:36
What do you and your company have to do to bring your Software Development to the highest quality and make your customers satisfied with your products and wiling to make further buisness with your company ?
The solution is not simple. There are many ways / methods to make a good software better. The key is to create a Software Development Process (SDP) with detailed guidelines and follow these guidlines.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 June 2007 16:00
J2EE Books PDF Print E-mail
Written by tomas   
Friday, 04 August 2006 20:05
I have been working as a Java Developer both independently and at companies for the past 10 years.
One of the great things about Java is how simple it is to design systems and services in Java.
I have found the J2EE architecture to be more simple and robust than  .NET.
I will be writing here my thoughts about J2EE vs. .NET.
Last Updated on Saturday, 09 June 2007 20:30
Choosing Databases for a Software System PDF Print E-mail
Written by tomas   
Sunday, 10 June 2007 09:58

When starting to develope a software the the system architecht has a difficult job ahead namely choosing the right database system for  that particular project.

This is often a difficult taskt to do today because today the system architecht can choose from wide variety of open source databases as well as commercial ones. 

Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 June 2007 16:13
JavaPathFinder - A great Java-Tool in Software Quality Management. PDF Print E-mail
Written by tomas   
Monday, 02 May 2005 00:00
I reasently attended a Inaugural Symposium on Theoretical Computer Science at ICE-TCS (The Icelandic Centre of Excellence in Theoretical Computer Science ).
One of the speakers mentioned a tool for Java Development called JavaPathFinder "an explicit state software model checker for Java bytecode.
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